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Is it cow's milk allergy?

Parents of babies with undiagnosed cow’s milk allergy (CMA) are left confused, frustrated, tired and worried, whilst they try to find the cause for their babies constant crying and discomfort according to a new survey[i].

CMA is the most common allergy that develops in babies[ii].  Yet in a new survey, 52 percent of mums whose child has CMA had never heard of the condition until their baby had been diagnosed[iii]. Alarmingly, when asked where they went for advice, only 29 percent[iv] said they visited their GP, indicating that a huge number of parents are unsure what they should do.

Due to lack of knowledge about the condition, almost half of parents surveyed with babies that suffer with CMA (47%) are turning to the internet for help and advice.  There are currently a large number of parents diagnosing their baby’s’ condition from the internet, without any backup or support[v].

The new survey was carried out online with 2,026 mothers as part of a new campaign Is it Cow’s Milk Allergy?  The campaign is designed to provide parents with online resources with a dedicated website (www.isitcowsmilkallergy.co.uk) which helps them to assess whether symptoms displayed could be CMA and to collect the right information for an informed and productive discussion with their GP.


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