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The NoseFrida® Nasal Aspirator and replacement filters are now NHS Drug Tariff Approved

The NoseFrida® nasal aspirator is an effective aid against nasal congestion for small children from birth to 3 years old.

Small children cannot blow their noses and this disturbs their sleep, food intake and the general well-being of the child and the whole family. 

NoseFrida® is clinically proven to help improve a child’s breathing, feeding and sleeping by safely relieving congestion.

NoseFrida® has been developed and produced by an ear, nose and throat doctor.

It meets all the demands for safety and hygiene both for the child and the user.

The nasal aspirator does not irritate the sensitive mucus membrane in a child’s nose.

It comes packaged in its own protective case together with 3 replacement hygiene filters.

Recommended by pediatricians and B.V.C.

(Swedish Child Care Centre)




Introducing Windi®...a natural solution for gas related problems in babies including the symptoms of colic.

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